Friday 25 July 2014

Big Trip Home Day 14 - Day of rest, no Shop till you drop more like.

Last night's sky at Coole Pilate was one of the most memorable of our trip so far. I lent out of the day room side door to take in this stunning view.

I think this is one of my favourite sunsets of the trip so far.
After yesterday's Lockathon and lack of essential supplies (beer shortage for one)  a big shop was necessary so the decision to stop in Nantwich was made. 

We upped sticks at the more respectable time of 8.30am and made good time to HackGreen Locks.  In the first a boat was coming up and Chris chatting to their crew found they were Americans from South Carolina enjoying the coolness of the English summer!  When Chris told them Audlum was busy due to the historic transport festival their faces lit up and were a picture of joy.

It was at the second lock an even bigger surprise was in store for us.  We had just locked down and were exiting the lock when Chris spotted a familiar boat coming towards us for the lock.  It was Bloggers Mark and Corrine in NB Dee O Ghee.   We pulled in to the lock landing, tied up and manage to chat briefly as they ascended the lock.  It was lovely to meet them at last and we plan a good catch up later as they share the same mooring arm as us in the marina.

Mark and Corrine with the real Dee O Ghee just behind Mark

We were just outside Nantwich we came across this sunken boat.  Tape indicate its presence is known and we wonder how long it had been there and how long will remain there

It pains me to see boats like this.  They were once someone's pride and joy.
We got to Nantwich around 11am and found a mooring near the Nantwich aqueduct.  Once buttoned up we left AmyJo for a walk into town and the shopping spree we needed.  Nantwich is much like Chester in many ways and is lovely to stroll around its little alley streets and shops of all sorts.  We came upon Clewlow's butchers of Pork pie fame and we can add their Steak pies and Corn Beef Hash pies are a must, absolutely marvellous!  Its worth wondering in to the shop look around.  Its one of the best appointed butcher displays I've seen in years.  I dare you to go in and come out empty handed!

Town Square looking great with the blooms and new epitaph

The town church bells were ringing out for a wedding.

Clewlows butchers, well worth the walk to visit.
  Further and over the river Weaver we found a Morrisons.  Chris ever optimist, chose a small trolley.  Now us gents know only too well the small trolley is never big enough  and when we got to the till it was over flowing with food, and beer of course.

Its a good fifteen minutes walk back to the boat from there so we hailed a cab and saved the arms.  Once everything was packed away we spent the rest of the afternoon we sat out in the cratch and watched the world go by.  To our surprise a large heron landed opposite us on the offsite and proceeded to catch fish.  He (I assume its a male?) caught 4 in a matter of 10 minutes.  We were mesmerised watching him and amazed he could see anything in the muddy water of the cut

Magnificent bird on the offside from us.
We were due a visit from one of our friends today but he could not make it so were moving on tomorrow to be closer to him so he can visit us then.

Our mooring tonight by Nantwich Aqueduct
Our short trip today
Total distance:3.49 miles Elapsed time:2h22m47s Locks:2 Bridges:9 

Average speed:1.46 mph (2.31 lock/mph) 

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