Tuesday 29 July 2014

Big Trip Home day 17 - Grumpy Old Sod and a Pleasant Evening to End The Day

Those of you that have been following our trip may have realised that after stopping at the Barbridge Inn last night we were now facing the wrong way and you would be correct.

We started our day with a short run to Hurleston Junction where we winded and headed back.  This time we kept straight on for Chester.

After an hour we had to wait our turn at Bunbury Locks.  Whilst waiting an old couple is a very small boat joined the queue and he went for a rekky.  He stormed back announcing to his wife "Blithering idiots had left the bottom paddle half open ma".   Seems the people working the lock had not noticed it was open.

Later when we moored for lunch by Chas Harden boats having descended Tilston, Beeston Stone and Beeston Iron Locks they came past and he announced VERY loudly "Yes its them, bunch of incompetents".  For some reason the old fool got it into his head we were working the lock.  The fact we were both on board waiting our turn seems to have escaped him some how.  So if you ever meet a very small boat named Elfin, give him a wide berth, he'll only hurl insults at you.

Iron Lock.  The red sign warns the lock is warped and only one
boat at a time should use it.  We still saw boats locking in twos.

Newly thatched cottage.

The rest of our trip proceeded without further abuse from or sight of grumpy man.  After descending Wharton's Lock we stopped upstream of the Shady Oak.  We had heard this pub had gone down hill, and it seems to have a little but none the less its still worth a stop, and, we were made more than welcome by other boaters moored there who seem to be regulars.  Hence why our blogs are two days late instead of one.  A good time was had and a very late night followed.

Beeston Castle stands sentry and is seen for miles.

Our mooring by the Shady Oak and a great evening to end on.

Our route today

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