Friday 20 December 2013

Time lapse experiment

Hi All,
Like many bloggers I like to read other blogs to catch up on others adventures and to pick up interesting ideas.  One blog I regularly read is that of Halfie (click). 
A while ago Halfie published some time lapse videos on his blog and this sparked my interest too. His videos make interesting viewing (Click)
I quite liked the idea of  having a go at this so bought the camera below
On our trip to the Welford arm I placed the camera facing ahead in the cratch window and set it recording on the return trip.  Whilst the quality of the video is not quite as good as Halfie's here is the result

The video above is not the entire trip but it gives a good idea of the last part of the journey.  I'm happy with it and will try some more when the weather improves.


Halfie said...

Well done, Steve! I look forward to seeing the rest of your timelapse. You will find that a bit of sunshine will improve things a lot - these little cameras like a lot of light. If you are able to play with the settings you might want to try a little less interval between each picture so as to slow the resultant film down.

You have reminded me that I still have timelapse of a whole two-week cruise to upload. I've just been so busy in retirement ...!

nb AmyJo said...

Thanks for the advice. The camera was set up to take a picture every 10 seconds. The software that came with it builds the video and I set that a 5 frames a second, guess I need to reduce that too.

Look forward to seeing your new time-lapse videos, I look forward to being busy in retirement one day too :-)

Christina James said...

Hello, I'm pleased to visit you here and think the time-lapse is great. Glad to have found you via 'The Twelve Canal Days of Christmas'. Good luck for your travels; the Amy-Jo looks lovely.
Merry Christmas and happy narrow-boating in 2014.