Saturday 7 December 2013

All above board.

We don't have a stereotypical postman that delivers first thing in the morning.  You know, like the one on TV, that delivers just as they come down the stairs in PJs for breakfast.  No, not ours.  Ours delivers at around 3pm for some reason, though sometimes, if its Saturday, Amy might just be getting up then, and she would have her PJs on as the post is crammed through the slot, so I guess that's the same.  Not that I'm complaining mind but when we come home from work and open the front door we have to push aside a pile of mail to get in some days.

Today was one of those days. 

We wanted a Christmas tree to put up in AmyJo next time we go to her so we nipped out after lunch to the local garden centre and got a pretty 2 foot high fibre optic one that will sit nicely on the cupboard across from the log burner on the opposite side of the cratch door.  We got home, opened the house door and sure enough there was the usual mound of junk mail and bills.

Today was different though because nestled amongst the flyers and final demands was a long, thick official looking envelope, our C&RT license had arrived.  In the package was also AmyJo's registration plates. 

We're not going to use the plates provided but will add the registration in paint to avoid drilling holes or gluing them on

The observant ones among you will notice the incomplete C&RT logo and registration number artwork above the aft panel in the photo above here it is in close up

Andy Russell offered to include this when he painted the rest of AmyJo's artwork while at Fernwood's workshop has offered to return to her to add the numbers next time he is nearby.

So now we are all above board.  We got a Gold license this year as we have our cruise home to Cheshire ahead of us in the summer to look forward to so wanted to be sure we had every option covered as we have yet to decide which route to take to the Shroppy. 

For those back home the Canal & River Trust (C&RT) license is the waterways version of the car road tax, though it costs a damned sight more unfortunately.  Like the car tax is used to maintain Britain's roads, legend has it the revenue raised from C&RT licenses is used to maintain the canal infrastructure.

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