Sunday 1 December 2013

The eagle has landed and a day of firsts

Well after a 2 hour delay AmyJo is at last sitting  comfortably on her berth.  The tinterweb signal is poor here so until I get the router up and running pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.

Todayis a day of firsts for us
Our first night onboard and a great mights sleep.

Our first experience of a crispy cold morning so the heating was soon on.
Our first breakfast aboard enjoying the sunshine.

Yesterday was our first cruise down the cut on AmyJo which for us was sheer joy.
Our first winding, without hitch I'm glad to say.

This is my first ever blog aboard AmyJo and the first from my mobile phone using the blogger app.

Last of all my first time manouvering onto our berth with the hole marina watching.  Relieved to say it went perfectly

Will post pictures as soon as we can get our wifiworking 


nb Bonjour said...

Congratulations Steve and Chris! you must be thrilled. We'll look forward to meeting you on the cut one of these days! Have you worked out your itinerary for next year yet?
All the best for a brilliant cruising future
Debby and Dave

Halfie said...

Excellent news. I remember very clearly the first cruise we did as owners of Jubilee nearly two years ago. Pure exhilaration, which is what you must be feeling.

Jenny and Robin said...

Congratulations on your first of firsts. Now the adventure really begins and we will be following your travels from here in NZ

nb Achernar said...

Congrats on having made it. Our first day is still a few months off so we will continue to read your blog to see how you deal with your first winter and hopefully pick up some tips

Jo Lodge said...

Congratulations, welcome to the world afloat. We look forward to seeing you both somewhere on the cut. Life will never be the same again. Lots of luck and love. xxxx