Monday 2 December 2013

We now have tinternet aboard

Travelled 1 mile with no locks and no bumps

Hi all
Sorry for not posting but the old Vodafone dongle was having none of it onboard.  Its taken me all day but I finally got the Proroute internet router to connect to the internet and hence this post.  I'm please to say our little Laird Salt and Pepper pot antenna are working a treat and I have good connection strength all be it 3G at the moment.

So where to begin. 

First of all thank you all so much for the lovely comments, it means a lot to Chris and I knowing there are people out there who are prepared to pass the time of day with us.  We really look forward to meeting up on the cut someday and have a good chin wag. 

Saturday morning was launch day as you now know but Tuckey's crane had a diesel hose burst and was delayed an hour.  Eventually AmyJo was pulled out of the workshop

The lorry was moved into position and AmyJo was gently raised onto it

It was then a quick dash down the M1 to wait for AmyJo's arrival at the marina.  A young friend of ours offered to make us a cake to celebrate the occasion an this duly arrived.  For a young man starting out in his career as cake maker he certainly captured AmyJo in his work as you can see below, all made in just one day. 


 I have to say it tastes superb too.  We barely had time to open the cake when the crane arrived followed by AmyJo

Without a pause for breath AmyJo was backed down to the quayside and then we all held our breath with anticipation as she was craned out over the water and gently lowered in.

Finally the 4 year journey of planning and dreaming came to an exciting end at last.  The dream was now a reality.  We both felt elated and a bit emotional.

After the Fernwood crew checked her over for any leaks etc I was ask to be first to start the engine and try forward and reverse to check the running gear worked and no leak from the stern gland.  AmyJo came alive instantly I turned the key and when trying the throttle it was quickly apparent she was going to be quick.

By now it was late afternoon with the sun low in the sky so we quickly ushered Amy and Joanne aboard, Chris released the bow line and I the stern  With Andy Munro aboard and dozens watching at the marina I had to reverse AmyJo two boat lengths before I could swing her towards the marina exit and out onto the cut.  Having only done this once in a hire boat and never with an audience to say I was nervous was an understatement.  I need not have worried,  AmyJo swims beautifully and is so responsive on the helm.  At just 750rpm she moves through the water easily, in fact I have to keep easing off.  We took out first cruise out of the marina to the nearest winding hole, winded and then headed back.  A some total of 1hour cruise, but it was our first and one that we'll never forget.

Chris and I stayed on AmyJo overnight and on Sunday started to unpack everything.  We settled down for the night only to find the lo would not flush but that's for another post, all I will say is thank god for tetra pack cups!

I've stayed aboard until Tuesday but Chris has had to return to work.  This gave me time to get the tech up and running,  today the internet, tomorrow the alarm system.

So there we have it, the end of one dream (to own a narrow boat) to the start of another, to live the dream.

See you out there!


K1 said...

Fantstic....well done! More boating posts to follow please...

Old Peculier said...

I have been following your story for a year or so. It is fantastic to see her finally in the water. Well done!. Toby.

Mark and Corinne said...

Congratulations, wishing you many years of happy cruising. Now the fun begins :)

Halfie said...

Great pictures of a great day. I did have a sneak preview of the launch via Derwent6 though!

nb AmyJo said...

Our first real cruise will be on the 14th weather permitting and of course we'll blog about it too. For now though work beckons :-(

Thank you so much, did not realise we had so many readers. I'll do my best not to bore you all.

Mark and Corrine
Many thanks, loo forward to meeting up with you, we've been following your blog for some time now. Dee o Ghee looks lovely, hope you are enjoying her.

Thank you, my camera is not a fancy one, its an lt10 but does take nice photos

Paul and El said...

Well done guys, now don't bloody scratch it!
Paul and Elaine

Jenny and Robin said...

Congratulations - what a great day for you to finally get your pride and joy in the water. Now you will have to come to grips with all that technology.

We are not boaters ourselves, but caravanners from down under New Zealand. But like to read of all the canal cruisers as we had a very enjoyable 8 day trip on the Llangollen Canal a few years ago

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Paul and Elaine,
We'll do our best but no promises now :-)

Hi Jenny and Robin
Lovely to hear from you and thank you for the lovely comment.

Christina James said...

I think that this is something of a coincidence, but when I told my husband about AmyJo, he visited your blog and is certain that on November 30th he overtook a narrowboat, looking very new, somewhere down the M1 towards Northampton as he drove to the A43 junction to join me in Oxford. He says it was about two o'clock at the time. Could that have been her?

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Christina,
Well the timing would certainly be correct as that was when AmyJo was on her way to Crick, so I would not mind betting it was her your husband overtook.

nb AmyJo said...
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