Thursday 21 November 2013

Jubilation and a tad disapointed but not for long

Hi all,
Chris and I have had a lovely time over at Fernwood's workshop today.  AmyJo is now looking resplendent and is very nearly completed, just odds and ends needed to finish her.  There is one small problem that has thrown our plans out of kilter but I'll explain later.

This visit there was a lot to see outside of AmyJo as boat painter Andy Russell was hard at work Painting AmyJo's name on when we arrived.

I confess I was a little concerned as the colouring for the name did not look good against the panel but I need not have worried.  Andy's magic touch did the trick and an hour later this is the beautiful result

Towards the front of the cabin Andy has incorporated our initials into a scroll.  We had seen this done before and thought it would look nice.

Finally for the bow cheeks we wanted to add another reference to our sailing but wanted something totally different.  I proposed a design I had put together to Andy and he then put this on AmyJo.  We think it works rather well.

Interestingly once that had been done another aspect of the design became apparent we had not considered at all.  Looking at AmyJo head on the bow motives on either side look like a flotilla of boats coming towards you.

From this picture you have probably deduced that the Cratch board and cover are in place.  We are particularly please with this as the material in grey in colour and complements the overall colour scheme perfectly.  The side panels have lift up flaps to reveal a clear panel and the whole side panel can be rolled up out of the way if necessary

But for me the jewel in the artwork has to be the rear door panels. These are now in place and look superb.
What I really like is from inside when the doors are closed they look like windows with the view outside

AmyJo's interior is pretty much finished and the fabrics have arrived on board.  The has changed the feel of the cabin for the better as if makes it look even more homely.  I'll post these tomorrow.

Oh and the problem I mentioned?  Well, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond Fernwoods control AmyJo's launch has had to be postponed a couple of days to Friday.  Can't be helped but after all this time what are a few days.  The long wait is nearly over but by Jiminy its been worth it.


Halfie said...

Signwriting looks great. We'll get ours done just as soon as we get Jubilee back from our daughter.

Anonymous said...

Amy Jo looks fantastic, happy boating!


Adam said...

Andy really is a master. The thing I like about your rear door panels, is that there's day and night, just like there would be if you'd got castles.

Tom and Jan said...

Doesn't she look beautiful!

nb AmyJo said...

Halfie, Thank you. Andy really has done a great job but sadly my photographic skills does not do it justice.

Paula thank you, hope our paths cross on the cut some day.

Tom, thank you, not wanting to boast but yes she does, we are so proud of her.

Adam, he certainly is, it was a real honour to watch him work. He makes it look so easy too.