Wednesday 20 November 2013

The writing is on the Cabin Wall

Hi all,
With all the cold weather forecast about to settle in we hope all is well with your world and "your prop continues to turn" as some one once said.

Just a quick post tonight to say we're off on our final visit to Fernwood's workshop tomorrow to see how progress is getting on with AmyJo.  Everything is still on track at the moment for launching on 27th so her build should be nearing completion by now.

We got a telephone call from Andy Russell tonight informing us he was going to Fernwood's tomorrow as well so we should be able to see him in action on AmyJo's artwork.  I have to say this is truly exciting and we cannot wait to see the result.  We'll have the promised photo of the stern door panels I raved out about last week.

The car has been packed with stuff to put aboard that will travel well whilst AmyJo is transported to the launch site.  Things like bedding, gas bottles, the captain's chair and so on.

I'll post some photos on our return as I'm sure a lot will have been done since our last visit.

If anyone is interested we bought two of the above smoke alarms in B&Q the other day for AmyJo.  That's my mobile phone in front.  These are tiny compared to most smoke alarms and reasonably priced at £5 odd too. 

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