Friday 8 November 2013

Getting the blues.

Hi all,
Yesterday was time for another visit to the Fernwood workshop for a bi weekly fix on AmyJo's fit out progress and as always I was not disappointed.  I say "I" as this time was a solo visit as Chris was working.

AmyJo really is starting to look magnificent as now the end of the fit out is in sight and all the fittings and fixtures are starting to go in.

Starting with outside, AmyJo now sports a colourful derriere as the stern has had the tunnel bands painted but, while nothing is traditional with AmyJo we decided to depart from the standard cream and red.  The purists among you may not agree with our choice but we think the blue looks lovely and will be in keeping with our colour scheme throughout.  I'm told the tunnel bands were originally to make the boat visible when in a tunnel and would show up in the gloom when a light was shone.  Modern navigation lights make this less of a requirement these days so maybe colour choice is not so important.


The well deck has received some paint and the inside of the lockers too.  The bow and foredeck well be done next week.

The front doors are now installed and treated.  These are barn door styled so we can change how much opening we want.

For the vertically challenged we have had side steps added on all four corners of the cabin to help in get up onto the roof.  I have to admit they will help even those of lofty disposition.

 A clue to the fact the log burner flue has been installed is evident with this rather natty rain cap for when the fire is not in use being seen.

Back at the stern two helmspersons seats have been added and now await their wooden seats.

The outer side doors are now in place with their wood panelling to complete the cabin sides

AmyJo's interior build is very nearly finished and finishing touches are going in but that is for another post.  I'll post the interior pictures tomorrow.


Nb Yarwood said...

HI Steve
The nav lights are not seen by following boats but your tunnel bands are. The cream and blue will still show up so no chance of a close encounter from the rear!

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Lesley,
Thanks for the reassurance. Was not sure if the blue would be as effective as red. The nav lights are really for a just in case and in reality may be little used though best prepared as they say....