Saturday 9 November 2013

The Inside Story

Hi all

My apologies for the relatively short post yesterday. I'm now sporting new glasses with a new prescription that are taking a bit of getting used to. The varifocal width is different to my old specs and so the drawback is headaches while I get used to them. I'm sure that will dissipate as my eyes get accustomed to the new glasses.

As promised here are the pictures of progress on AmyJo's interior starting from the stern working forward.

In the back cabin the electrics and controls cupboards are nearly finished with just the switches for the navigation light, tunnel lamp and horn to go on. There are also a few doors to be put on too

Like Tom on Waiouru, I too now have a garden shed though construction is far from complete. The metal frame is bolted together in sections and can be completely removed for access if required while the wooden cover panels will also be removable for day to day maintenance. Apart from the batteries to go in under the steps the engine is now pretty much complete and ready to run.

The rear bathroom is now complete with cupboard doors. I did not photograph it as it was pretty complete last time I was there, just doors missing that are now in place.

In our bedroom the wardrobes, cupboards and chest of drawers are all in pace as is the bed though the wardrobe doors and door handles are yet to be done.

The dayroom/second bedroom is almost complete.  The side door windows are installed as is the glass cabinet and both washing machine and tumble drier are now in place.


The cupboard doors in the open position close off the day room giving privacy when used as a second bedroom


In the wet room the vanity unit is now installed as is the toilet.  The shower is complete apart from the screen.  We also have Fernwoods now familiar under gunnels cupboards for storage.  We like the way they are hidden away when closed.


Next the Galley has had the worktops, sink and hob put in place.  The cupboard doors were being prepared while I was visiting so should be installed on our next visit.



Finally the saloon was looking fantastic with the floor being polished, the TV cabinet in place but needing completing.  Best of all the hobbit was now sporting it’s flue and was ready to be used, we're looking forward to that.


As I mentioned in our last post the end of the fit out is now in sight and we are over the moon with AmyJo so far.  Already we feel she will be comfortable and look forward to spending time getting to know her when she is launched on the 27th.  Andy Russell, our artist, is on hand ready to do AmyJo’s external artwork a week after next and is already working on the back cabin doors as I type.  
We have been busy at home buying all manner of things like mugs, tea, coffee  and sugar jars, table mats and coasters. All the usual paraphernalia needed to live on board. The bank manager’s smile has receded with every withdrawal but we think it worth every penny so far.  I have also got an insurance quote to hand and once we have the final price for AmyJo from Fernwoods that will be in place for launch.  I use Navigators and General for our Enterprise dinghy and they have given me a very good quote to insure AmyJo so we look like using them.

So that's the latest so far.  Chris and I have one final visit to the workshop on the 21st before launch day and by then AmyJo should be pretty much ready for the cut and system testing will be taking place.  Last thing then is the boat safety certificate so we’ll have our fingers crossed for that.


Tom and Jan said...

Looking very smart! Can't wait to see your photos of the launch....

nb AmyJo said...

Thanks Tom. Can't believe its only just over two weeks away. Can't wait :-)

Halfie said...

How exciting! When you're on the water you might like Adam of Briar Rose to do a review for Canal Boat magazine ...

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Halfie,
Now that would be the icing on the cake for us! We would love for Adam to do that. I guess we do have the distinction of being the last Fernwood boat to be designed while Ken and Julia were still with the company.

Andy Munro now runs the show and I have to say we feel Fernwoods is in good hands. He has a hard act to follow but his input into AmyJo and with us so far has been superb. If AmyJo's build is anything to go by the Fernwood build quality will remain for some time to come, and I'm not being paid to say that either :-)

Del and Al said...

Looking good! So pleased for you, and you'll have itchy feet for the next 2 weeks! Looking forward to seeing AmyJo on the cut soon x

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Del and Al
Thank you and really looking forward to seeing you both again too.

Don't like to wish life away but we are more than happy to make an exception right now :-)

As for itchy feet, where's that brush Chris!

Wozie nb Oakfield said...

It's looking good and the launch is the most exciting part of it all. Although we were rather tired on that day, as it had been a very long day for us.

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Wozie
I think it will be the same for us too as I doubt we'll get much sleep the night before as we'll be far too excited.