Saturday 23 November 2013

Apologies and the latest photos

Hi all,
First of all can I apologise for not posting as promised last night.  Chris and I had a last minute invitation to join Amy and Joanne on a night out for a drink or 4.  These days with our busy lives it is a rare event for all of us to be able to get together and let our hair down (not that I have much hair these days let alone some to let down) so we could not refuse.  Arriving home at 2am in the morning was not a good time to type, especially when the keys on the keyboard seemed to do the conga. 

Any hoo I promised photos of AmyJo's progress inside and here they are. Starting in the Cratch we now have a fold up table that I can see holding drinks on many a summers evening.  I can see us spending a lot of time out here.

The saloon now looks amazing as the upholstery has arrived and installed on the chettee. Of course Chris just had to try it out and even I have to admit it is really comfy. 

We also have the roman blinds installed over the port holes.  We kept them very simple so as not to dominate the space.

The galley is now complete and the cupboard doors and handles are in place.  Like the saloon the colour has given the galley a lovely homely feel.

I think my favourite room is going to be the day room.  Although the cushions had yet to be added (they are still wrapped up in the office) the room already feel like a retreat from the busy world outside.  Those of you who have been reading our blog for a while may remember the expensive piece of artwork we bought at Crick this year and that we had a place in mind for it?  Well the boys have made us a frame to display it and it looks just perfect

This visit we got to try out the day room table and it is quite large, just as well as we foresee many guests sitting round with us this at meal times.

The wet room now has the shower screen but other than that has not changed since the last photos.

In our bedroom the wardrobe doors and handles have been added and the mattress for the bed will be added soon


You can just see in the above photo that the back cabin steps are now boarded out.  Access to the stern is actually really easy thanks to our wide hatch despite looking cramped as it does in this photo.


We love what Fernwood have achieved for us.  Every time we see AmyJo we find new things to look at and every now and then a little surprise Rob and the boys have built in are discovered that bring grins to our faces.  To say we are delighted is an understatement. 

This time last year was really not a good time for us with the loss of Chris's dad Roy, and then shortly after her mum, Mary, taken seriously ill in hospital that ended up with her losing a leg.  All though that time AmyJo's build seemed a world away but everyone, including our readers, helped to lift our spirits by saying it will be worth the wait in the end, and they were so right.  Now, standing on AmyJo's stern we feel so happy and excited.  I guess this must be the best Christmas present Chris and I have ever had :-)  Hold on, there's a thought, I wonder how Ferwoods are going to wrap her up and how many sheets of paper they are going to need... oh yes I forgot they have already done that once....

So now we wait for Friday for the big event when AmyJo finally gets her base plates wet and we can spend our first cruise on her.  If you see us on the cut please give us a wave and say hello, we would love to meet you all sometime and have a natter, so long as its not about toilets :-).

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