Saturday 2 November 2013

Canal boat mag and Dee Locks

There seems to be more and more interest in the Dee Locks since I started blogging about them.  I noticed too Halfie (click here) has walked the locks recently and posted some up to date photos of them.   Such a shame as it looks like all they need is work on the bottom lock to make then useable again.

 I got my copy of canal Boat Magazine today and low and behold there is an article about the locks by Martin Ludgate on page 66 in it too.   It makes interesting reading and helps to keep the hope the locks will be restored alive.

 I doubt very much all this is because I blogged about them but I suspect Canal Boat did the article to perhaps to help promote the IWA National campaign rally to be held at Telford's wharf on 4-6 June.  Not sure if we can get AmyJo home in time for that but would sure love to be part of it.

I've not blogged since our last Fernwood visit as I don't have any more news except our launch date.  I'm tempting fate here but can tell you now AmyJo will be launched on 27th November all being well with weather and no delays.  Just hope these strong winds we're having right now abate by then.

I'm off on another visit to AmyJo on Thursday 7th so hopefully will have more photos for you.

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