Wednesday 27 November 2013

All set to get wet

Just a quick post tonight to say AmyJo today received her boat safety certificate so now its all systems go for Friday.

I also got her insurance sorted and if anyone is interested it is with Navigators and General who we insure our dinghy with.  They gave a very competitive quote and will also cover for permanent live aboard too.

The Champaign has be bought, the Newcastle Brown is ready to christen AmyJo and the weather is set to be a bit mizzly/showery. Guess we're gonna get wet on the outside as well as inside then ;-)

To say we're excited is an understatement. 


nb Bonjour said...

Looking forward to reading your first blog afloat! Good luck
Debby and Dave

Halfie said...

We're all waiting with you ...

nb AmyJo said...
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nb AmyJo said...

Thank you Dave and Debbie. Hopefully also our first post on board AmyJo instead of at home provided I can get the router working.

Halfie, won't be long now, we got our fingers and toes crossed the weather behaves