Sunday 1 July 2012

Avoid Premium rate Numbers

I just read Tom and Jan's (Waiouru) post about having to pay on 3 mobile for an 0845 number in the UK.  This reminded me of a very useful website that avoids the need to use 0845 numbers in many cases.

As you know 08 numbers are premium rate numbers and can easily run up an expensive phone bill as you wait listening to some dirge while you are in a queue.

Well may I recommend you give a try before you ring.  

Simply click on "

Search to find an alternative number"

Type in the full 08 number and click OK.  In most cases you will then get a list of local numbers for that company.  You can then ring the local number at a local rate instead of the premium rate number.

They don't have every number yet but they do have a lot of banks, building societies and larger retailers numbers and so on.  No I have no affiliation to the website but I do think it's a jolly useful site all the same

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