Sunday 29 July 2012

Chester as we have never seen it before

We have lived in Chester for 12 years this year.  We like to think we know the place quite well but what we really love about our city is after all this time we can still wander around and see something we have not seen before.

I've been busy today replacing the fence panels at the bottom of the garden and after lunch Chris announced she really fancied going for a walk.  As the weather was nice I thought why not.

Now most visitors to Chester love the city but there is an area well known to the locals but, it seems, not to most of the tourists.  We have not walked this area completely and so we did today.  Now if you walk the city walls at one point you come to the groves,  A lovely area down by the river Dee

The Groves seen from the suspension bridge
If you leave the walls and cross the river via the iron suspension bridge and turn left, follow the path out of town, a different face of Chester presents itself.  Known as the Meadows there is a large area of beautiful countryside that is open to all to enjoy.  Chris and I have never walked this stretch of the river outside the city and I have to say we saw the river as we have never seen it before

Chester boats loaded with hen party groups leave for a night of fun.

St Johns church nestles amongst the houses on the river bank

Our clubhouse with canoe racks and lovely little gazebo to the right

Believe it or not there is a river behind these trees

The view Chris and I have of the dinghy park when we are sailing
 The meadows stretch for about 2 miles along the river heading out of town and is a great area for wildlife and getting away from it all.

The command centre or OOD box (OOD = Officer Of the the Day) All dinghy
racing is controlled from here.

Could not resist photographing this.  Such a rural view considering we are only
 a half mile out of town
One thing I love about the meadows is the peace.  No traffic, no crowds, just bird song and tranquillity.

One could imaging the view the owners of those houses have.
 Despite the dark clouds the sun still managed to shine through

On the way back we stopped to photograph the boathouse.
 Love the beach huts
Heading back in town we returned to the Groves and spotted that the Boathouse pub now sports some natty beach huts for the customers to sit out in and enjoy the evening.

Well after all that walking my bed beckons so.... TTFN for now

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