Friday 25 October 2019

Day 2 Weaver Cruise - A bad night and a non day.

We had a pleasant evening moored above Cholmondeston Lock by Venitian marina on the Middlewich branch however sadly this did not last.

During the early hours of this morning Chris was woken by Smudge in a most agitated state, he was wimpering with his tail between his legs and ears well down.  He kept shuffling about and wretching, clearly in distress.  She followed him into the saloon to find he had been sick and messed several times.  Clearly the poor lad was in pain and obviouslly most unwell.  Chris got him to drink some water and sat with him for over an hour, after which he seemed calmer so they both returned to bed.

One poorly puppy.
This morning when we rose Smudge stayed in bed, most unlike him.  He eventually appeared whilst I was getting AmyJo ready to cruise.  Due to his poorly state we did not feed him but let him sleep whilst we went to the marina for a breakfast with Eric and Mal.

On our return Smudge was asleep but lifted his head when we came in.  Normally he runs to us tail wagging for a fuss but not this time.  It was obvious he was still under the weather.  He did manage a walk with Chris whilst we decsended the lock but by now rain was setting in.  

By the time AmyJo got down the lock the rain was becoming heavy so the decision to moor up opposite the marina for the time being was made.  A good choice as in fact it poured the whole day so today was classified as a non day, basically doing nothing.  All of us dosed on and off in the afternoon and Smudge stayed curled up on the Chettee all day barely moving, even refusing his mid day walk!

Tonight Smudge has purked up a little and so we managed to get him to eat a little rice, though not much.  We think he may have eaten something while we sat out last night and this has upset his tummy.   There was a large acorn tree near where we sat and I think he may have eaten one of the many fallen acorns un beknown to us.  Acorns are poisonous to dogs and may be the cause of his illness.  Hopefully he'll feel better in the morning.

As I type the rain is hammering down, as it has done all day, and the forecast looks no better tomorrow.  I have a feeling our cruise on the Weaver may be curtailed due to high levels.  We hoping for Eric's sake we can at least descend turn and go back up the Anderton lift.  We'll have to watch this space for now. 

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