Friday 14 August 2015

Weaver trip Day 7 - Busy doing nuffin

Well the forecast was spot on.

The met office rain radar showed the rain would reach us by 4am and it did.  Gentle at first then steadily getting heavier as the morning wore on.

We rose early surprisingly enough but the need to go where no one can go for you became too urgent to remain in bed.  I used to laugh at mum crossing her legs when she sneezed but nowadays I don't find it funny any more.

We pottered about for for a few hours then thought we need to do something and not sit about all day so Chris decided it was a good time to give the galley its summer clean (the spring clean already done).  AmyJo has lovely golden beech worktops and these need to be treated every so often with an oil to keep them waterproof.  We do this every couple of months and were now due to be re done.  It does not take long and we feel well worth the effort.

Chris sets to with the wax oil that seals the worktops.  They look great when done and water beads easily on them.
Meanwhile I decided that there is an up side to all this heavy rain and got my waterproofs on.  Over the last few weeks AmyJo's roof and sides were getting dusty and covered with bird nasties.  I climbed up onto the roof with mop in hand and set about wiping everything down using the rain to rinse off as I went (no point wasting water now is there?).  Much to the amusement of our mooring neighbours who thought I could not see them watching.

I was working so hard the camera could not keep up
 Actually this worked quite well.  First I scrubbed everywhere to get the muck off.  Waited a while for more rain to fall then rinsed off.  The roof looks spotless now I'm done and not a drop of water used from a tap so I suppose rain has it uses other than watering the garden :-)

Next door's dog peeps out under the canopy to keep an eye on me
Chris decided this was the best way to photograph me without getting wet

Not a soul about in this weather and no boats moving either
When I put things away in the aft cabin I noticed the inverter had a red flashing LED.  Our battery charge was getting low.  To be fair we've hardly cruised much over the fast few days so no surprise this occurred and why we wanted to get the solar panels.  Chris needed to do some ironing as well so we fired up the engine and put the travel pack genny into use.  This is a 5KV alternator with a travel pack genertor and when running the inverter thinks its plugged into the mains.  It bulk charged the batteries then went into absorption mode just as it would when we return to the marina and plug the mains in.  Two hours later the batteries were fully charged and the ironing was done.

 The rain has finally eased as I type but its too late to move though a few boats have gone past.  Tomorrow we move again, we need to do a shop, so Northwich needs to stock their shelves as Chris will be on a mission, bags in hand (for me to lug back no doubt).

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