Sunday 3 June 2012

A very soggy Crick

Hi All,
Chris and I have been enjoying a rather wet and soggy couple of days at the Crick Boat show.  Unfortunately due to the wet weather we did not have many pictures to show for it.

Yesterday, Saturday, we started to look at the boats but kept meeting fellow bloggers.  First up, Doug and James from Chance were working hard showing people around MGM's latest creation "Snails Pace".  Like Chance this boat we beautifully made and sported a striking green livery.  Doug showed us around the boat and we had a good chat as we went.  Thank you Doug and glad James is recovering well.

Next two lovely little dogs sporting natty union jack neck scarves greeted us.  It was Bombo and Sam with their owners Elaine and Paul from  The Manly Ferry aka Caxton.  Paul and Elaine have taken a massive life changing move by emigrating from Sydney, Australia to become liveaboards.  We had a great time talking with them as they are a lovely couple and they seem to be enjoying every minute living in blighty.  It was a real pleasure to meet them all.

We also got to look at Fernwoods latest boat "What a Lark"  We both agree Fernwood have, once a again, built a stunning boat. She is beautifully fitted out and her owners, Lisa and her husband, are delighted with her.

After lunch we met up with Ken and Julia on the Fernwood stand and who should pop along but Del and Al from Derwent6.  Chris and I love meeting up with Del and Al.  We always enjoy our chats with them though this time briefly.

Today, Sunday, we looked at a few more boats but one, a piper boat, really took Chris's interest as the interior colours are something like Chris has in mind for AmyJo.
The colour scheme that Chris is taken with

We both like this entertainment cabinet

I quite like the tiles here

We also came across this Francis search light that gave us ideas for our own search light.
We love this Cratch window and Tunnel light

After that we hit the marques.  I'm afraid we were like kids in a toy shop.  "We gotta have one of these",  "and some of those", "Oh and we simply must have one of these"  It got that bad Chris confiscated my wallet but not before we came away with 3 mooring Pins, 2 mooring chains, a stove top fan and (as Chris called it) a roly up mat thing.  A rubber mat rolled we can use on thetow path to get onto the boat if its muddy.

We're back there tomorrow for our final day but this time we have volunteered our services to help Ken and Julia on the Fernwood stand.  I'll post to let you know how we got on later.  Hopefully the weather will be better and I can get some photos.

Anyone watched the Pageant today?  Chris and I watched it when we got back to the hotel.  What and occasion.  Despite the awful weather what a spectacular event! One cannot help feel patriotic watching the procession.

Well that's all for now.  Chris has gone for a Sauna and swim whilst I type and then we're of for a much needed meal and a drink or three.  So chat soon. Bye for now.

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