Friday 15 June 2012

Playing with Photos

We have our next planning meeting arranged in July so are really looking forward to that.  At least now we will feel some progress will be made and hope to have a better idea when the base plate will be laid by then.  

Our design thoughts are coming together nicely and we'll be posting the layout diagrams after the meeting and once we have finalised them. We think we pretty much have the basics nailed down so its just the refinements and final adjustments needed now.  Crick has not changed our thinking on the layout much though we have a few thoughts to run pass Fernwoods for the saloon but nothing radical from the original layout.  We have to settle on the design at some point and we think we have reached that point now.  The good news is Chris now has a feel for the internal colour scheme she would like as seen in our last post so that is a big relief for me.  

I've been busy CAD'ing up the layout thoughts on the computer so we have something to show and discuss with Fernwoods at the meeting (CAD = Computer Aided Design).  The good thing about having an electronic drawing is it can be easily changed without having to start all over again so any refinements made during the meeting can quickly be updated in the drawings.

In the meantime I've been playing with some photos we took at Crick to get some idea of what AmyJo might look like in her livery.  Fortunately for me Fernwoods latest boat, What-a-lark, is almost in the same livery except she has red where we want darker grey so all I needed to do was retouch the red into grey and hey presto, here are the results.  I'm quite pleased with the colours and would be interested to hear what you think.  I've not included any art work but you can get the general idea.  For us its nice to see what AmyJo might look like in a photo for change rather than only seeing a simple line drawing.

We hoping to attend the Weaver festival on the 24th June so we're looking forward to meeting up with Keith and Jo on Hadar again whilst there as they will also be attending.  Should be a good envent with plenty of working boats to gongoozle at.  

Well thats all I have for now.  Hope everyone is well and the weather not causing too many problems on the cut.  

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