Friday 31 October 2014

October Cruise Day 4 - Back to Wrenbury

After yesterday's cold and drizzly day this morning looked more promising.  There was still the morning chill but the sky looked much brighter and a hint of the sun was starting to show itself.

This morning's mooring
 We got under way at 9.15am and found we were making excellent time now we had the flow with us instead of against us.  The sun soon made an appearance lighting up this group of bushes showing off their reds and whites in the sun.  We do so love the Autumn colours and the Llangollen this time off year is stunning.

Lovely red and white leaves in the sun
 In short time we arrived at Grindley brook Locks to find only one boat going down ahead of us so we went straight into the first lock

The lock keeper's office now adorned with national flags

Grindley top lock
Middle chamber

Bottom chamber and the shop and cafe
The last chamber is the deepest
 After the staircase are the three separate locks to descend but these were not in our favour so we had to turn each one. 

First pound of the single lock and practising my reversing sills
Looks like I'm practising my putting but a mooring rope is a lousy golf club
and the mooring bollard does not roll as well as a ball
 Above the last lock we passed this C&RT work boat going up and at first I thought my eyes were playing tricks as I was sure the helmsman's cab was growing in height.   One of the C&RT guys accompanying it assured me I was not seeing things, the cab does indeed rise and fall to allow the helmsman to see over the differant loads carried in front.

Cab in the raised position
A better view of the diagonal bridge brickwork after the last lock
We arrived at Wrenbury lift bridge at around 2pm and as we passed moored boats we spied some crews scurrying to get under way.  Not wanting a repeat of yesterday we got through and lowered the bridge long before the first boat got fully under way.  Just as well as the rapidly growing queue of cars let us off the hook and the other boaters when they did arrive soon realised we did the right thing as a result.

Wrenbury lift bridge viewed from the Whitchurch side.
The visitor's mooring were virtually empty so I took the first mooring space after the bridge.  With plenty of time on our hands we wanted to explorer the village a little so we decided to walk into Wrenbury as we needed a few supplies.   Wrenbury village is a very English looking village with a large green and some beautiful houses like this one.

Parked opposite the green I spotted this lovely old banger and so after picking up our supplies just had to go for a closer look.

Could be a scene straight out of Poirrot's aventures
 The car turned out to be an old Riley.  It as in great condition and clearly was in regular use.  I love it when cars like this are actually used and not buried away, forgotten, under covers in some dusty barn.  

You don't often see one of these nowadays
We decided to eat on board tonight so threw another log on the fire and settled down for the evening.  AmyJo's cabin was soon as hot as a sauna so as it was still mild outside we let the Hobbit die back.

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