Wednesday 21 May 2014

Not a good couple of Weeks

The last few weeks have not been good to me as Wednesday last I woke with a terrific headache.  Not a migraine but just as bad.  In fact it was causing me to feel nauseous when standing.  I took a few Parasetamol  but they did nothing to help.  I called in sick and went back to bed.

Chris woke me that evening when she returned from work but the headache was worse than ever so I tried Cocodamol but again, no effect.  This continued to Friday and as I was not getting any better Chris made me go to the doctors.  At first I refused as I’ve had this before but by now I was really feeling rough so relented.

The doc gave me a thorough check over but as it was clear I was not good referred me to the hospital.  By now I could barely stand without the pain of the headache increasing so was in agony by the time I got there.  Like most hospitals I spent the rest of the day waiting to be seen and when eventually my turn came I had blood samples taken, blood pressure read and an ECG all normal apart from elevated blood pressure. 

I was then told a CT scan was required and after waiting 5 hours was told they could not do it that day and was sent home to wait for a phone call.  I eventually got the scan at 11am on Sunday and revisited again on Monday to be told I had acute Sinusitus.  Was give a raft of pills and sent home.  I confess I was greatly relieved at this as whilst waiting all sort of scenarios ran through my mind.

My plan was to travel to AmyJo tonight but decided to leave earlier and so arrived at the marina this afternoon where apon I collapsed into the chair and slept for a couple of hours as I felt so tired. I later woke to the noise of the crane that had been launching the show boats all afternoon.


I later had a stroll round the marina to find Fernwoods show boat, Summerbourne, already on her berth but as it was late no one was around so I’ll have to see if they are about tomorrow


I got back to AmyJo and did not realise how much the walk had taken out of me.  I realised I am still not right even now.  Looking round the show over the weekend looks like it will be a slow affair for me I think.

I’m aboard now until after the show and Chris will join me after work travelling down on the train to Rugby.  I hope, weather permitting, to wash and polish AmyJo as she is now looking a tad dowdy and covered in bird droppings.  Not sure how much I’ll get done but intend to take it slow so as not to aggravate the headache that now has started to subside thanks to the tablets


Halfie said...

Sorry to read this, Steve. I'm glad the headache is going, and I hope you'll soon be completely better.

Paul and El said...

Get well soon my friend.