Thursday 22 May 2014

Day 2 at Crick and rain stops play

Its all happening here at Crick today.  The Marquees are nearly all up and stall holders are setting out their wares.  Only 24 hours to go then its action stations.  More boats have been launched today and most of the show fleet are now in place and looking fantastic.

I was up and about at 8:30am this morning and glad to say the headache seems to be much better.  My plan was to wash and polish  outside AmyJo  today and then tomorrow spring clean inside.

All was going well and AmyJo had a good scrub to get all the duck do off her roof.  By lunchtime though ominous clouds were building and I just managed to polish the chromium when the heavens opened and rumbles of thunder could be heard in the distance so rain stopped all work and I sat in the cratch watching the lightning.  To coin a phrase used by Joe Lodge on Hadar (click) "it was certainly black over Bill's mums"

It rained for most of the afternoon but by tea time the sun made an appearance.  I had left my raincoat in the car so retrieved it and went for a wonder to see the show boats. Looks like there is going to be plenty to see but a word of warning.  Bring good shoes as the fields are likely to be a bit soggy underfoot.

Nutfield waiting to slot into her show berth

Raymond arrives and prepares to moor up

Next Nutfield Moors alongside Raymond

Canal boat magazine's latest review boat Posh Fox

And Achernar is here too, their blog is here (click)
Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow and I can get the polish out but during the rain this afternoon I did manage to tidy the cratch and lay some new covering on the well deck.  What do you think?

Boules anyone?

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