Wednesday 14 May 2014

A Surprise for Joe and Chris gets a Lift

First of all can I apologise to Joe on nbYarwood (click).  Poor chap must have wondered what the hell was going on when this total stranger, a woman, knocked on Yarwood and introduced herself.  Not sure what he would have made of that!  It was just Chris and I'll get round to explaining shortly.

We don't have much time for boating during the week unfortunately as we are both at work, but days like today is one of the reasons Chris really loves her job and, per chance, her day today just happened to be about canals.  You see today, Chris and the teacher she works with, took their year zero (foundation) class to the Anderton Boat lift.  Its one of their experience visits they do throughout the term.

Carefully taken shot of the children so as to be compliant with child protection.
The children stood in awe as the lift was operated and then they all excitedly boarded the tour boat for a ride down the lift themselves (lucky Chris gets to do this every year).  Hence Chris gets a lift?  OK I know its corny but....

A boat approaches the caissons from the canal

whilst the tour boat comes up on the lift

The tour boat almost ready to take the children and accompanying adults.

Aboard the tour boat, children behind the camera and hopefully behaving.
We are regular readers of Joe and Lesley's blog so knew Yarwood was on the river Weaver.  It was whilst the children were having their morning snack in the grounds that Chris spotted the highly polished cabin sides of a boat that could only be Yarwood herself just a short distance away.

Taking the opportunity of a quite period whilst the children had their morning snack Chris left them with their teacher and introduced herself to a rather surprised Joe who was about to take Lloyd and Fletcher, their two black Labradors, for a walk.  They had a quick chat before Chris had to re-join the children.  Sorry to have missed you myself Joe and Lesley and we hope the children did not disturb the peace too much :-).

Chris may not be frazzled, as Joe put, it but now she is back home she is snoozing on the settee as I type so it must have been a pretty good day out for her and the kids.


Halfie said...

We're coming to the Crick Show (late on Saturday after attending a wedding) so we'll try to find you. Are you actually showing your boat or will you be in the marina?

nb AmyJo said...

We're in the marina, Summer Borne is the Fernwood show boat this year. We'll be around on the Fernwood stand or ask them to call me if we're not there. Look forward to catching up with you.

Halfie said...

OK - we'll look out for you. Let's hope this sunny weather continues!