Monday 10 March 2014

Woken by strange noises and UFO sighting

We had a wonderful nights sleep on AmyJo Saturday night, we both slept deeply in the silence of the open countryside, that is until 6:30am when I was woken, refreshed, by a noise that grew louder and louder by the minute.

The noise was familiar but something I have not heard since the girls were young and we used to holiday in our caravan.  Yes, it was the dawn chorus,  absolutely wonderful bird song.  I lay there soaking up the sound for a while then at 7am I got up!  Never have I done that willingly before when there was no reason for me to do so and only, reluctantly, for work each day.

I made myself a cup of tea and left Chris asleep in bed, sat in the cratch that was warming by the sunshine and listened.  I became aware of another sound I've never heard before.  A short rapid knocking like a distant machine gun, tok tok tok tok, this repeated every so often for at least half an hour.  At the time I had no idea what it was but since found out it was actually a wood pecker.  Never heard one until now.  

I love that alone time first thing in the morning when all is well with life and the hussle and bussle has not begun.  The peace is shatteringly powerful, do you know what I mean?  I can take stock and shake off the stresses of life just for a while.  Sounds selfish I know but I love the rare occasions I get to do that..  

I opened the cratch cover and looked up into the cloudless blue sky and spotted something, a UFO.  Well actually it was the sun, but it may as well have been a UFO as its something we've not seen for a good while.  It actually felt warm for the first time this year.

By now sounds of emerging life could be heard at the back of the boat so coffee soon found its way back to Chris

No wonder she loves being on the boat, she rarely gets coffee in bed at home as she is normally up before me.

As we knew the trip back to the mooring was only going to take 2 hours we decided to stay on our mooring spot for the morning and got out the polishing cloths again but this time the starboard side paintwork got the treatment. 

Pretty  -   Chris of course :-)
We soon had AmyJo nice and shiny so you could see your reflection in her paintwork.  Yes, yes I was helping but stopped for a photo opportunity.

We had another cuppa when we finished and then chilled taking in our surroundings.

You can just make out AmyJo to the left of the large bush on the near bank
New windmill farm by the M1/M6 junction
AmyJo basking in the sunshine

Lunchtime came and so at 1pm we pulled pins and reluctantly headed back to the marina.  As there was plenty of time we kept our speed to a minimum and just lapped up the experience and passing countryside.  

The warm weather was bringing out other boats from the marinas too and we passed several on the trip back, all out for a day cruise in the lovely sunshine.  One passing boat was another Fernwood boat, Kamili starting out on her season's cruising.  We exchanged a quick hello and wished them happy cruising.

By now the weather was positively Mediterranean and it felt so good to be out in the warm sunshine wearing a t-shirt instead of winter woollies

Not a cloud to be seen anywhere

Once back on the mooring we settled AmyJo's warps, checked in the weed hatch, looked at the engine oil level and greased the stern gland then sat in the saloon, neither of us wanted to pack the boat up and neither of us wanted to move, we were so relaxed.  Chris so much so in fact ... she fell asleep.

Well all that polishing and boating wears one out you know :-)  We did eventually pack up and head home but have set our minds to return next weekend.

I guess there is truth in the saying

"He who dares wins"

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KevinTOO said...

Hi Chris & Steve,

Now that's what I call a shine:)

Just don't moor opposite nb Chance without putting on your Raybans first or you'll be blinded if the sun comes out... LOL