Monday 3 March 2014

The Weekend away that was'nt

Hello all,
We have been pretty busy with the decorating since my last post.  The dinning room is coming along slowly.  All the panel work and skirting boards are now in place so it down to finishing off and putting the finishing touches like mouldings in place

As things were coming along nicely and the weekend forecast excellent, we both decided to take a break and make the most of the weekend on AmyJo.  

Friday evening came and so I got home and changed then got the car ready to load up.  Just as I bent down to pick up a bag a searing pain shot through my lower back and right leg causing me to yell out in pain. My back had gone again :-(  This time much worse as I could not stand nor walk but did managed to pull myself to a chair and sat in agony whilst Chris called an ambulance. 

The ambulance arrived and the crew tried to get me to walk to it but that was only achieved after copious amounts of air and gas plus full support of the ambulance crew.  Why they did not use a stretcher remains a mystery.

It was then a 4 hour wait on a hospital gourney to be seen.  This I did not mind as I was hardly a priority case.  I did, however, object to the examining doctor who paid no attention to the fact I was in agony with back pain but was more concerned my bowels and water works were functioning correctly.  He then proceeded to beat the hell out my legs with a reflex hammer (and I do not exaggerate either).  Had he continued for much longer he would have got a reflex but one he was not expecting!

Still in much agony I was discharged with co-codamol and left to walk back to the car.  Now this in itself was embarrassing as I could barely stand so heaved myself along using the hand rails on the walls.  Not once did anyone asked if I needed any help.

It took nearly a full 30 minutes for me to hobble to the car and when at home I could not step over the threshold into the house.  Poor Chris had to heave me up over the step and into bed.

So our weekend on AmyJo came to nowt and so has the decorating.  My back has improved a little now and I can at least walk un-aided thanks to the co-codamol but it will be a few more days before I'm back to normal.  I thank god nothing serious came of it  though my knees are now showing signs of bruising thanks to the doc and his hammer.

What with the howling winds when we do go to AmyJo and now my back I'm beginning to wonder if someone up there does not want us to be out on the cut.  In fact it is nearly always windy when we do go to AmyJo so I'm convinced the Marina will ban us from visiting soon :-)  Even our neighbours on the pontoon start tying things down so they don't blow away when we arrive.  Now my back is out I look out of the bedroom window this morning to see blue sky's, not a breath of wind and sun pouring into the garden.   At least I know others will be able to make the most of it :-)  We hope to get on AmyJo next weekend.  Bets on the weather then anyone?


Halfie said...

Sorry to hear about your back problem. Hope you're up-and-running (so to speak) very soon, and that you can get your (calm) weekend - or more - aboard Amy Jo soon too.

K1 said...

I know how you feel. Jan kindly gets me a hot wheatbag (zapped in the microwave) when my back gives on me. Fortunately it doesn't happen that often.

nb AmyJo said...

Thanks Halfie Just seen the forecast and we're still taking bets :-)