Saturday 8 March 2014

Old Speckled Frogs and Hot water for Sleeping bags

Well we dared and so glad we did.  We took everyone's advise and headed for AmyJo last night.  After stopping off for a meal we eventually arrived at the mooring just past 9pm.

Whilst loading the provisions (including cans of beer) Chris announced confidently 

"You didn't need that beer you already have 8 cans of Old Speckled Frogs here."

 Well that set the tone of the weekend and I nearly fell overboard laughing. Most will know she meant Old Speckled Hen but there you go.  The shoe was on the other foot however,  when Chris put the kettle on after she had made a cuppa.

"Is that the hot water for the sleeping bags?"

I asked.  It took me a little while to work out why Chris was now laughing.  Of course I'd meant hot water bottles!  I would not mind but the Old Speckled Frogs had not been opened yet!  Guess old age is slowly creeping up on us both :-)

The morning dawned grey a drizzly but by mid morning the rain stopped and the sun shone through.  It was a bit too breezy for our liking so AmyJo stayed put on her mooring.  We took the opportunity to wash her down and get the polish out to give the chromium a seeing too.  I can see why Del on Derwent 6 likes doing the brasses.  Its actually quite therapeutic and with Chris helping AmyJo's bling was soon gleaming in the sun.

After lunch we nipped to the chandlers to buy some go kart fenders and matches for the log burner.  When we got back the wind had eased considerably and it felt really pleasant. 

We could resist no longer, and soon backed AmyJo out of the mooring and onto the fuelling arm for a diesel top up then off up the cut towards Welford.  As it was 2pm we knew Welford was out of the question so set our minds to wind just after bridge 28 and moor for the night.

The journey was so glorious in the warm sunshine and we were just content with a cuppa to watch the world go by.  We even had the cut to ourselves only passing one boat on the move.

By 5pm we had winded and were moored just South of Elkington Bridge 28 enjoying Beef in Black Bean sauce an rice washed down with a glass or three of red.

Our mooring for the night, so peaceful

The evening is so pleasant but to warn other shipping were we are we have the emergency nav lights on just in case.  We sat out in the cratch with only the glow of the lanterns for light just relaxing and enjoying the silence

As the run back to the marina tomorrow is only 2 hours and with an even better weather forecast we'll stay put for the morning to give the paintwork its first polish then we'll take a leisurely run back.  Any ways what's the rush?  We just want to savour every minute out here while we can.  Feels gooooood!

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Halfie said...

Your smiles at the tiller say it all!