Sunday 20 March 2011

A Gongoozling we will go

With everything going on with the family and things quiet on the house front Chris and I want to savour the cut once more.  The wish to walk the tow path again was tugging at us in an ever increasing rate.  So with no boat we decided we would have no choice but to be gongoozlers and with that decided to go for a walk along the cut into Chester.  Our eldest daughter Amy lives a few yards away from Chemical lock and so we parked the car at hers and made our way along the cut into Chester.

When we reach Chemical lock the Mill Hotel restaurant boat was just arriving.  Most unusual this boat as it has a rudder on the bow as well so they do not have to wind the boat for the return trip.  By the way the meal onboard is excellent too!

 We soon arrived at the infamous bridge of sighs.  History states that this bridge was used to walk the condemed prisoners from the prison to the gallows and they would sigh as they walked across.  You never see birds settling on this bridge and as you walk under the air suddenly turns cold and everthing goes quiet until you pass out the other side!  Now I'm not one for believing in ghosts and all that superstious stuff but I admit a few hairs did rise on the back of my neck.
There are a lot of new apartments springing up along the canal and this monument is in the gardens of one set of appartments.

 15minutes later we reached the Chester 3 lock staircase.  These are deep locks and not for the faint hearted.  We watched as two boats came down and make their way to the basin.

 After helping Somnia come alongside as the wind in the basin was making it difficult to moor and spending a few minutes chatting to the lovely couple on her we said our goodbyes and made our way back up the cut. There are not many boats here at the moment but that will change as the season progresses I guess.

The weather was not brilliant but it was dry and reasonably warm so we took our time enjoying the fresh air while marvelling at the Victorian workmanship on the water tower. It does not look much at first glance and you might be forgiven for thinking it's an eye sore but take a closer look at when you pass by it and you will see just how much care was put into the design and build for what is basically a large tank.

We got back to Amy's an hour later and had a welcome cuppa and a chat before heading home.  It felt so good to walk along the cut again and it gave us that little boost we both needed.  What a great day and I know both of us will sleep well tonight!

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