Wednesday 16 March 2011

Best Laid Plans

Unfortunately I had to fore go my trip on Towy. We got a phone call from Chris's mum just after my last post informing us Roy has taken a turn for the worse and had only days left. Naturally Chris and I dropped everything and took off to Essex so she could see him. I stayed away from his bedside for fear he would catch my cough (I'd never forgive myself if that happened) and Chris spent some quality time with him.

We're relieved to say Roy is still hanging on and it may be weeks rather than days but he is definately in a bad way, we think Chris's mum is so stressed about him she does not know what day it is, but we are preparing for the inevitable we know will come soon. He is dosed to the hilt on Morphine so is pain free and comfortable, if a little drowsy and occasionally way with the fairies.

Towy made the trip without me and had a lovely run in bright sunshine, making the trip in 3 hours. My friend Dave helped out as he was also going and only put her aground once :-)  She is in the museum basin with the other work boats for now. Stewart tells me the plan at Easter is to take her down the Manchester shipping canal, cross the Mersey into Liverpool so hopefully I can help on that trip.

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