Monday 11 April 2016

Easter and the Llangollen Day - Last Few Days

We left Wrenbury after a night of rainfall to a cold dull morning.  Mercifully there was little or no wind so we crept out quietly and headed for the manual lift bridge.  Another boat was ahead of us so Chris kindly offered to operate the bridge for them.

Moored at Wrenbury
 It appears the boat owner's wife with friend had the boat for the weekend and whilst the friends wanted to be liveaboards the lady with them was happy to cruise on holidays only.

Following another boat through the lift bridge
 Chris noted that some locks had stop plank storage and whilst some were a simple boxes, some were quite ornate like this one.  We're not sure why this one is so elaborate compared to the other box storage but we think it does look rather more pleasing none the less.

Ornate Stop Plank Storage
 At Burland we came across coal boat Mountbatten.  You may recall in my previous post I mentioned John and Hannah had acquired a butty to give them extended living accommodation when the baby is born.  We had not realise it was the same style as Mountbatten.  I wonder if this was Mountbatten's original butty?

Mountbatten's new Butty being prepared for the new crew member
 Compared to the last few days we had a pleasant trip down to Hurleston Locks and again found them clear of boats, in fact we descended to the bottom lock before another boat appeared at the top or bottom lock.
Descending Hurleston Locks
 As I started to exit the bottom lock a hire boat came through the bridge and tried to turn for the locks, unfortunately he was going a little too fast and became wedged across the cut blocking the way to Barbridge.  His face dropped when he asked which way I was headed and I pointed at his boat.

Unable to proceed all I could do was offer advice whilst trying to keep AmyJo still in the water.  Eventually he reversed under the bridge so I could get out of the way.  Chris held AmyJo to the side whilst, at the hirer's request, I talked him round the turn.  After that we made for Barbridge.

Now its common knowledge that the purpose of the Llangollen canal is as a feeder for the reservoir here at Hurleston which provides drinking water for Crewe.  What I'd like to know though is what the purpose of this tunnel looking opening is for.  Anyone have any ideas?  It appears to pass under the reservoir but I cannot see why.

Tunnel under Reservoir

Familiar view looking back up Hurleston Locks

Sunday morning was a much more pleasant with plenty of sunshine and quite pleasantly warm at times.  The clouds were building but there was still plenty of sun.  Chris tried to photograph sun rays coming from behind this cloud but they do not show up as well on the photo.

Sun rays behind a cloud
 Its odd but things always seem much better when the sun is out, even the spring flowers were enjoying it today.

Spring flowers by a bridge
 A Calverley we think we may have discovered the origins of the Easter island heads for on a boat moored just along from the services we could see miniature versions standing on its roof.  If one went missing would that mean the owner had lost his head?

Easter Island Heads?
 At Bunbury the volockys had the locks ready for us to go straight in and we were joined for the descent with another boat whose name I have embarrassingly forgotten, sorry chaps if you were on that boat.

Getting Ready to descent Bunbury Locks
 As the gates opened with us in the bottom lock we were confronted with working boat Saturn and her motor approaching.  Those that know Bunbury will know passing along side the Anglo Welsh fleet is not easy at the best of times.  We managed to get our lock partners out and on their way but we could not get past so we pulled into the wharf leaving just enough room for the working boats to pass and enter the lock.

Saturn and her motor arrive just as we leave the bottom lock
 We found they were heading to Ellesmere for the boat festival there.  Signs other boats were heading down came as we passed Empress moored up near Chas Harden boats.

Empress moored near Tilstone Lock
 We got to the Shady Ooak in the afternoon and decided to have a liquid lunch.
Our favourite mooring at the Shady Oak
 Whilst in the pub this cheeky chap came a calling to be fed.  Poor fellow did not realise no one was home so kept knocking at the open side doors,  It was clear he could not understand why his knocks were not answered but he kept trying fora further 20 minutes without success.

Um wonder if they are home and will feed me

Knock Knock feed me please

Oi, why won't you answer me?
With the forecast on Sunday giving strong winds as the day progressed we left early and were back in the marina by 10am.  This proved a good decision as just after tying up thw wind steadily increased all morning until mid afternoon it was blowing hard.

Chris is now darn Sarf visiting her mum so I'm tidying up and packing everything away as we will be in the marina for a while now.  Back to work tomorrow, Tuesday.  Hay ho all good things come to an end...   but not for too long.

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