Friday 1 April 2016

Easter and the Llangollen Day 8 - On the move again

As predicted the weather was not great today.  Grey clouds and a bit of a breeze was pegging down the temperatures outside to -1 over night.  The cabin was cold when I was woken at 6am by two hire boats leaving.  I made up the fire and warmed everything up with the kettle adding to the heat.

Realising that there will be traffic coming up stream we decided to leave late, so went into town for a few groceries.  On our return I busied myself getting AmyJo ready to cruise.  Whilst doing so I noticed several other hire boat helms loitering nonchalantly on their sterns engines running.  It was clear they were waiting for me to lead the way.

For some reason it was a good 90 minutes before we were ready to move off having filled with water, chatted to the neighbours and tidied away the satellite dish etc.  One hire boat shut down his engine and went below.

We pulled out at 11:30am executing a 180 degree turn  without reversing.  Sure enough other boats pulled out behind us.    Chris went forward on her bicycle and together with the radios we lead the way.  Only one boat managed to keep with us.  The others held up by the on coming few boats.

We made Trevor uneventfully but as we entered the junction a cross wind caught the bow and we got stuck across the junction.  Fortunately, and just by chance, Brian McQuigan from coal boat Alton happened to be walking by and gave a hand to push the bows off the bank and got us back on course.

entering the Trevor Basin
A good breeze was blowing across the Pontcysyllte aqueduct so very few photos today as we were both occupied since we left Llangollen.  We had to keep the speed up crossing to avoid bashing the steel work.  I worries me when I see it flex!

We found the visitors moorings free downstream from the Froncysyllte lift bridge so pulled in calling it a day  We might try the Aqueduct Inn later tonight.

One for the ladies perhaps?  Sorry couldn't help that :-)

Our mooring for the night

Total distance:5.30 miles Elapsed time:2h56m39s Locks:0 
Bridges:18 Average speed:1.80 mph (1.80 lock/mph) 

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