Thursday 31 March 2016

East7er and the Llangollen Day - busy day busing and walking

We looked at the weather forecast this morning and changed our plans.  Originally we were going to cruise to Trevor and the get the drone up around Pontcysyllte Aqueduct on Friday but the forecast did not look good for flying then, but, today was perfect so we hatched a new plan.

We walked down to the road and caught the 11:30am bus to Trevor.   The sun beat down and barely a breeze of wind was present when we got there.  We paused for a brief photo at the basin then walked down under the Aqueduct. 
Anglo welsh boats in trevor basin and the aqueduct beyond
 Having passed over the aqueduct several times now we really wanted to see it from a gongoosler's perspective, from below.  A foot path leads one to a viewing point and then on to the very base of the structure

The immensity of scale become all the more present viewed from below.  You can just make out walkers on the aqueduct
 One does not get a full view of just how high the aqueduct actually is until you see it from this point of view.  Towering way above us Chris got these photos as a boat passed overhead

Easy to see why its known as the stream in the sky.

The iron work seen from outside the aqueduct
With clear sky and sun I manage to get some super video and these photos.  Having the drone so far away was a bit nerve racking but with Chris acting as spotter we managed to keep it in sight all the time.
Looking downstream towards Chirk

Upstream with Trevor basin and the village beyond

Froncysyllte in the distance

As it was only 2:30pm we decided to  try the drone out at horseshoe falls so we walked to the Bridge Inn for coffee.  The bridge itself is now fully restored and re-opened in May 2015.  Last time we were here they were just starting to lay the deck.

Fully restored and now in service

Bridge Hotel viewed from the bridge
After the coffee we headed up to the falls.  A good flow was running over them and we had another opportunity to fly the drone

We decided to have a meal in the hotel but as they did not start serving food until 6pm we had a little time to spare.  We walked back via the road to Berwyn train station opposite the hotel and had another drink

The bridge viewed from the railway station
 Back at the hotel and having our meal this loco was running back at too.  We think it has just been recommissioned and was probably completing its trial as the station master had informed us there is a special steam event next weekend

Steam loco pulling into the station
Sadly tomorrow we leave Llangollen and start our return home.  We love it here and have thoroughly enjoyed our time exploring the area on foot an by bus.


Tom and Jan said...

Fantastic aerial photos

Mark and Corinne said...

Video was great, picture quality is very good.