Tuesday 20 August 2013

Celebrity Boats

We went to Crick Marina last week to see Ferwoods latest boat launched.  Sorry no pictures just yet but I'll post some later.

There was also another reason for the visit and that was to check out if a winter mooring would be possible for AmyJo as we found out its looking like November/December for launching if all goes to plan.  Our plan was always to launch at either Debdale Wharf or Crick and cruise AmyJo home to Tattenhall.  The launch date means this would not be possible at that time of year so our thinking at this stage is leave to AmyJo at either Debdale or Crick until the spring and the stoppages are over.  May even try to stay for the boat show if they will allow us but I doubt it.

We arrived at Crick a little early so decided to have a coffee in the local brewery across the road in the moorings pub.  Was too early for a beer so coffee it was.  Umm must be getting old, was a time it was never too early for beer.

Afterwards we had a walk back via ABNB boats and spotted this well known boat moored in the marina

Not sure if Alan Herd was around but last time we saw Dover she was for sale in Braunston Marina.  I wonder if she now has new owners?  We also spotted other bloggers but did not have chance to talk with them.  Herbie was just leaving Crick marina as we got back.

Our next visit to see AmyJo is planned for next week so we'll have more news on her progress.  We understand all is going well and really look forward to seeing her again.


Jo Lodge said...

I hope all is going well with AmyJo?
Dover is under new ownership. She was over plated last year I think at Braunston and now has a nice new home.

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Jo hope you are both kkeping well.

I did wander. Last time we saw Dover at Braunston she looked a bit jaded but now sparkles. Someone has put a lot of elbow grease into cleaning her up and she looks super, just like on TV

AmyJo is progressing well. We're visiting her a week tomorrow so hope to see some progress. Will post pictures when we get back. So exciting this stage, we're loving every minute of it!
Warm Regards
Steve & Chris

George Williams (sailing) said...

when we went on a family canal boat trip we saw RECKLESS (off the TV program The Boat That Guy Built which featured Guy Martin restoring an old canal boat into a lovely boat like yours will be) down the Coventry canal....It was up for sale but but sadly my pocket money didn't stretch that far!!! love your blog and your boat. Good luck.

nb AmyJo said...

Thank you for the comment on our blog, nice to know people enjoy our little musings

I wondered what happened to RECKLESS. Wonder if she will get a good owner to look after her?