Wednesday 28 August 2013

Little Red Pig and Coloured Cobwebs

Hi all,
Chris and I have just got back from Fernwoods and are happy to report AmyJo's build is coming along quite rapidly now.  We had a look over her and were very pleased with progress so far.  In fact we were pleasantly surprised at how much was done.

This was the scene that greeted us when we walked in to the workshop.

AmyJo's panels were masked off and Ken was finishing of the last panel ready for the paint.  We can now see them for size and they looked great.  I think I worried Ken a bit though when I said I quite like the gold cabin sides with light grey panels. For some time now we have worried over our choice of greys, especially the darker one.  Its one thing to see then on the internet or on a colour swatch board but it another to actually see them for real. 

We had originally chosen a different shade of grey for the panels but on the internet it looked too light, so had asked to change it to a darker one but then we worried if we had done the right thing.  Ken had been very thoughtful in this for us and had prepared a small area on AmyJo's cabin side to show us the colours we had chosen.  We need not have worried though as they are just what we wanted.

He had also painted a section of the piping in three colours for us to choose from.  What amused us was the little splash of red he had used as an alternative option, that if you click on the picture to enlarge it,  looks somewhat like a pig.  We had a giggle at that and we'll reveal which colour we chose later but would love to hear which you prefer.

Things are moving on inside, most noticeably the floor base is down and the first fix of wiring was in.

More amusement ensued when Chris commented the wiring reminded her of coloured cobwebs, now I can see we're going to have a few more analogies like this before AmyJo is complete so I apologise in advance.

The waste tank has been installed and the fresh water tank is ready to go aboard.  It looks a good size to me so we're quite happy as we do have a slightly lower well deck so knew this would restrict the tank size.

Meanwhile the boys have also been very busy with the joinery and already made the bed carcase and the roof panels though these are still to be finished off.

We spent quite a while finalising more of the design details for the log burner area and hifi cabinet etc, so now they have pretty much everything they need to crack on.  At the end of the visit we could not help but just stand soaking up AmyJo's presence not wanting to leave, but leave we had to.  Even now we still cannot believe that boat is really ours.

Our next visit will be in 4 weeks time and by then AmyJo's painting externally should be nearing completion and the joinery going in.  In the meantime we have a new, even bigger,shopping list and as we have the next few days off we're going out is see what we can tick off.

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