Sunday 1 September 2013

Birthday Meal and canal fix

Yesterday was Chris's birthday but as I was out most of the day I made it up to her and treated her to a meal out.  Chris did not want anything fancy so we settled on the Old Trooper at Christleton just down the road from us.
The Old Trooper.  The canal runs just behind the fence and the building
The old Trooper backs onto the canal on the outskirts of Chester and after the meal we wanted to have our canal fix and have a walk along the tow path.  We knew Tom and Jan on Waiouru were nearby so had arranged to meet them after our meal.  We have been reading their blog pretty much since it began and had followed their experiences both good and bad so it was a real pleasure for us to meet up with them at last.

We spent a lovely few hours chatting about boat things and Tom gave us some very useful information on the best places to buy diesel that we are most grateful for.  Before we knew it it was getting late so not wanting to out stay our welcome we bade them farewell and promised to meet up again another time.

Thank you Tom and Jan for allowing us aboard Waiouru. She is a lovely boat and we enjoyed chatting with you immensely. 

Was a tad dark when we left so apologies for the quality of the photo.


Mark and Corinne said...

Belated birthday greetings for yesterday, hope you had a great day.
Mark & Corinne

nb AmyJo said...

Thank you both. Nice to see your build coming along. Hope Mark is feeling well these days