Wednesday 12 June 2013

Shades of Grey

Now the excitement of AmyJo's move is behind us and Crick just a memory Chris and I have received the first draft of the styling notes from Fernwood with a list of things we need to think about.

One of these is the styling for the wall panels in the wet room.  We really like our new bathroom at home that had grey marble tiles and decided we would like to reproduce the colouring in AmyJo's wet room.  We have ordered several samples from PolyRey and have been spoilt for choice but narrowed the list down to 3,trouble is we cannot make our minds up as to which to choose

Our 3 choices from which we need to choose

P1020131 - Copy
The one we think would be OK

P1020132 - Copy
Or maybe this one

P1020133 - Copy
We like this but it might be a tad too dark

We have yet to make the final choice and there is no reason why we have to have just one I guess.  As we will be at Fernwood's open day on the 6th July we're thinking of taking them along and trying them in a boat that's in build to see how they look with the timbers.

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