Saturday 13 October 2012

Getting Older

Hi all
Not a great deal to report at the moment except Chris's mum Mary is doing well and is making steady progress.  Her short leg, as she calls it now, is healing well and the hospital are even talking about discharging her.  She has to be assessed for dementia before then and will need 24/7 home care but things are looking much better for now so that is a bit of a relief. 

The only other bits of news I have are, I'm another year older today, and we've booked a visit to Beta Marine on 26th, Friday next week.  We're having a beta 50 like the one below fitted in AmyJo so thought it might be nice to see where its going to be made.

I spoke with the CEO, Andrew, and will spend some time having a look around the factory.  Then its off to Essex to see Mary and the rest of the family for the weekend.


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