Sunday 14 October 2012

AmyJo now has a permanant home

Hi All,
We posted a while back that we had sorted a mooring for AmyJo and had paid a holding deposit for it.  We had not realised that was a year ago until we received an email from the marina enquiring if we still wanted the mooring.  Where has this year gone?

Concerned I replied we did but decided we should go visit them to re-assure them we genuinely did want the mooring.  Saturday morning, in lovely (rare) warm sunshine, we drove out to the marina and had a pleasant chat to Sarah who runs things there.  We knew we had a mooring but not exactly which one so Sarah asked if we would like to choose one.  Unfortunately all the end moorings are taken but we chose this one on the inside of an end mooring.  Its a 70ft mooring so AmyJo should fit in comfortably.

Our mooring is on the right hand side
Interestingly the boat next to us used to be a restaurant boat but the couple who now own it are converting it into a live aboard.  Must be lovely and bright inside with all those windows.

The view from the other end of the mooring
Whilst at the marina we also got to talk to some of the other boaters who moor there and we were please to hear they all thought highly of the place so we look forward to keeping AmyJo there.  They seemed very pleasant and wished us well so I think we'll be accepted among them.  We had quite a long chat with a lovely couple called Brian and Sheila.  They have only just got their boat in the last week and were happy to show us around.  They had yet to take the boat out on a long cruise but had taken her up the cut to the winding hole and back.  Needless to say they were now totally hooked on narrow boating.

That's all the news we have for now so as dinner is on the table I'll say TTFN.

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