Wednesday 3 October 2012

Ever had that feeling.....

that you should be doing something but are not sure what.

I like reading narrow boat blogs and in particular boat build blogs.  When reading these I like to see how people overcome issues during their build and love reading about their innovative ideas and solutions.  I don't wish to copy every ones ideas mind but now and then I get some good pointers towards what I would like to include in AmyJo. 

One thing is clear is that there is an awful lot of research going on for items to go into such builds and I sometimes think I should perhaps be doing the same, however, to be honest we have no clue where to start at the moment.  There will be such a lot to be sorted out but what, and when should we sort it. 

Am I worrying too much or should we just go with the flow when the build starts?  I admit I'm looking forward to that part immensely when it does happen.  I guess I'm a bit like a kid waiting for Christmas.  I know I need presents but don't know what those presents should be and that's where the fun part comes in.


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Jo Lodge said...

Going with the flow is a good idea. If you have done as much research as you can to this point, no point in stressing out. You will have plenty to do when the build starts.

Hope your both ok? xxxxxx