Friday 16 September 2011

Offer accepted!!!

Hi all,
As I type this my hands are shaking. I mean....actually shaking.  It's actually happened at last!   

It's still early doors yet but we just had an offer for the house this morning that we have accepted and the Bungalow we put an offer on has also accepted our offer too!  So we're on the move (we hope)

It's funny how life ticks over and then.... BAM..... events happen in a flash that alter everything.  Having not had a viewing now for 6 weeks we resigned ourselves we would have to sit it out over the Winter.  I had decided to redecorate the study putting it back to a bedroom and then do the hall to make the pace look tidier still.  We would then re-list with another agent to get things moving again

Well the study is nearly finished (hence my lack of posts) and we got a knock on the door last night from a gentleman who had viewed with his daughter a few months back.  He  wanted have another look round and then made a cash offer on the spot but well below our price.  After he continued trying to get the lowest price from me I managed to hold firm and got him up to something near what we thought was our minimum price and we parted company.

This morning he phoned the agent with the same higher offer he had left me with and after a few phone calls he met me half way and we said yes.  I instantly ran the Bungalow's agent and had my offer accepted within the hour.

I'm actually quit emotional at the moment as, provided all goes well, nbAmyJo just took a gaint step closer to becoming a reality.  You cannot imagine how relieved I am that now we can let our builders Fernwood know we can proceed in the spring as planned.   It's still too early to be sure so I'm trying to contain my excitement.

For now though I'm off to get a stiff Scotch and read Peter Underwood's Six part series about life afloat that Jo (coalwoman) posted on her blog a few days ago (thanks for that JO).



nb Chance said...

Congratulations both of you, we are so pleased for you both to hear your news, we will keep fingers crossed that all goes well and you can start making your dream into reality. Best Wishes, look forward to hearing your progress, Doug and James x

nb AmyJo said...

Thank guys. We still cannot beleive its actually happening. Not going to celebrate until the contracts are signed though.

Love the blog by the way. Glad your enjoying being back on the water again.

Lisa said...

That is really good news for you both, I am delighted for you. Super scary for us, we have to decide finally paint colours..... I always wanted navy blue, so we are going to have red!!!!!
The spring will come flying around and then it will be your turn to be making all these decisions.
See you afloat.

Paul and El said...

Congrats guys, we are nearly at the same stage in the house selling merry go close!!

nb AmyJo said...

Thasnks Lisa. We are releive about the sale. We're sure the boat will end up will looking stunning what ever colour she turns out in.

Would love to see a photo or too if you could email us please?
Steve and Chris

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Paul and Elaine,
Many thanks and we hope all goes well for you. Please do let us know how it you get on.
Steve and Chris