Thursday 22 September 2011

Lofty beginnings

Hi All,
All is progressing well and we now have written confirmation of offers accepted.  With moving fever in the air and the study empty we decided to tackle the loft and Oh my god..... it's time like this you realise just how much we hoard over the years.

After one whole day of shifting stuff, sorting it and boxing it up we could barely shut the study door ( a room 9ft by 10ft).  We are now slowly moving it all into the garage to make room for more packing.

I think we could have done the job in half the time but the sounds of "aaaahhhh" and "oooooh" and "I'd forgotten about this" meant far too much reminiscing was going on by mum and the girls.  Still at least it's one more job done for the move I suppose.

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