Friday 30 September 2011

Beauorcrats and paperwork

Hi all,
Things are starting to happen and we've been dealing with a mound of paperwork to fill in and sign.  For the sale we have to contend with our mortgage company who, for reasons unknown to me, insist we fill out a mortgage application despite the fact we are transferring our existing mortgage to the new property. 

We filled out a ton of forms the size of war and peace and sent them back on Tuesday.  Worryingly as I type they have yet to receive them.   I would not mind but they contain our passport as such so I hope they do get them.

Oddly though the solicitors have been on the ball and as we have returned their forms both our vendor's and our solicitors have everything ready and are just waiting for the valuation and survey by the mortgage company on the new house.  Will keep you posted how it goes next week.

In the mean time we continue to pack up and have now got on first name terms with the guys down our local refuse tip we've been there so many times!  We're also getting quotes from removal firms as this is looking a daunting task.  One look at the growing pile of boxes in the garage plus stuff we have not yet packed makes me wonder if it is all going to fit in the bungalow.

Hope we are all enjoying the weather?  We are not as hot in as the south herein Chester but we have been getting temperatures of 27 degrees with today reaching 28.  I can though, now confirm the official reason for the heatwave.... I sold my MX5 sports car so now I don't have a convertible the weather will be fine. ... trust me on this :-)

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