Monday 24 January 2011

Wish the kitchen was bigger and love the pond, shame about the house

It's monday evening and we got over the weekend viewings. 

We had our viewers round and I have to say when the first couple turned up I was pretty nervous.  Now I'm used to speaking to crowds and strangers in meetings but never felt as nervous as I did opening the door to be confornted with what I  can only describe as a sour faced woman who throughout the tour looked like she was discusted with what she saw, and her husband, who followed dotingly in her wake not saying a word but peeking into every corner and cupboard like an inspector.  Luckily the clutter stayed put.

It will be easy I mused, just show them through the rooms and that would be it.  Well try explaining to a total stranger about your home in a way that you hope will make them want to buy it,  its actually not as easy as it sounds and so with a dry mouth I blustered and bumbled my way around the house.  Then they were gone, just like that, 15 minutes and not even a thank you very much, just gone.  I went to bed that night utterly demoralised thinking this was how it was going to be, how awful.

Next day we had two more viewings, a pleasant young couple with his mum and dad along with them.  Both seemed quite keen and she loved the kitchen but wanted it to be bigger.  Our kitchen is nearly 18ft square, "How much bigger do you need?" I asked. "Oh I don't really know" came the reply.  I know a good restaurant with a flat for sale I thought to myself, would that do?

Finally an elderly couple knocked on the door an hour later.  The latter on seeing our Kio pond did not seem to want to view the rest of the house but just wanted to watch the fish, one of which stopped and eyed them up like a suspicious loafer waiting to be given something, in this case food I suspect.

As I write this we have had no offers from the viewers but the agent has line up some more viewings next weekend, here's hoping. I know we won't sell over night so we'll keep trying our best.

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