Tuesday 11 January 2011

At one of life's Crossroads

   Ever had one of those days when you realise that today was actually going to be a life changing day?

We had one other day after a telephone call out of the blue. It was one of the Estate Agents we had over to value our house before Christmas. He was ringing to ask had we decided to put the house on the market yet and if so he could honour his offer of a much lower commission rate if I said yes now. This totally caught me of balance as I had planned to ring them a few weeks later after re-decorating a couple of rooms and de-cluttering the house (like the good house doctor on TV strongly advises we do) but instead there I stood, paintbrush dripping onto my hand ,trying to take in what had just been said.

That was Thursday and today looking on rightmove.com we found the perfect house to buy. At a bargain price too but with just one problem. It was our own house spread accross the webpage for all to see that search for it. I have to admit a tinge of emotion on seeing our own home there on that web page having spent weeks looking at other people's homes it really is odd to be looking at our own. In Chris's words, "There's no going back now dear, lets hope we’re making the right decision"

"Consider it one of life's crossroads" I bravely quipped "We have to make a turn at sometime so why not now while we still have good health, we did it once before when we moved to the North West I'm sure we can do it again". "You’re not having second thoughts are you" I quickly added, gently pushing this months "Canal boat" magazine into her hand. Looking at that always instils enthusiasm in Chris when she reads it.

So now we wait, for the prospective buyers to come visit, with just a little trepidation and apprehension.  I just think those who have gone before us on this journey and see how happy they are on their boats and also think of the journey's end when, hopefully, AmyJo is launched and we can look back and say "Glad we did that!"


Jo Lodge said...

Fantastic news. I hope you do not have to wait to long for a buyer.
You have taken the leap and I am sure you have done the research, so you should be fine.
We look forward to seeing you on the water. Maybe along with Al and Del, who are good friends.

Steve said...

Hi Jo,
Thank you. Perhaps our paths will cross on the cut one day. We owe much to Del and Al, they have offered us so much help and advise, such a lovely couple. I sure hope we meet them again to thank them.

We are getting tired of being gongoozlers now and our build slot can't come soon enough. To compensate we have booked two weeks on the Leeds Liverpool in July. We've had several hire boats before but it will be grand when we get our own.