Saturday 4 April 2020

Lock down week Two - Spit and Polish

Hello all,
Hope you are all keeping well and managing to stay sane in this topsy tervy world we find ourselves in.

This week I finished giving AmyJo her spring polish though now only the Starboard (right) cabin side is left to do.

After applying the cleaner the differance is noticable, just needs waxing after this

Now the outside is done as far as I can, I turned my attention inside.  We have several chromium light fittings and vents on the ceilings.  These were in bad need of a polish, so over the next two days, each one was taken down and given some attention.

The first of 30 light fittings getting a polish

Before and after.  We didn't realise how bad they had got!

On Thursday evening at 8pm we joined the nation to show our thanks for the NHS.  I used AmyJo's horn to send a message.  Can you guess what it is?

I'll give you a clue, its my attempt at morse code.  I'll reveal all in my next post for those who can't work it out.

The young lady you can see in the boat ahead is none other than Emma of vlog "Narrowboat Girl" fame.  Like many of us Emma and her mum are sitting out the lockdown and just trying to stay safe and well.

Vlogs are becoming very popular these days and so we're thinking of giving it a try.  Would love to hear your views on this.  There are several vloggers out there so would I just be copying them or would you like to see life on AmyJo in video as well?