Thursday 26 March 2020

Staying Put for Lock Down

Who would have thought?  Only last week Chris and I were planning our Easter Cruise with freinds.  We had planned to go onto the River Weaver via the Andreton lift but the lift is closed for maintenance so we changed our plan and was going to head up the Llangollen.

Now, after Boris's lock down announcement, CRT have told us unnecessary cruising was to be discouraged and that the 14 day mooring rule was being suspended until 14th April when it will be reviewed.  That scuppered our plan completely so we are moored up and staying put.  

For the non boaters.  The maximum we can stop anywhere on the canals is 14 days, less on recognised visitor moorings.  Any longer is deemed residential and that is not allowed on the canal except in designated places.  Failure to comply could mean, in absolutely worst case, having your boat impounded and removed for scrap, or at best a telling off and made to move.

Lock down day 1
The weather has been so good that I have managed to give AmyJo a good clean and polish where she can be reached.  My only concern was the sheer number of walkers, dog walkers and cyclists that are passing by, its worst than the first day of the sales at Harrods! 

Empty moorings behind us

And only one boat up ahead

The level of intelegence that some people have beggers belief.  Many do not observe social distancing and clearly are not aware of the risk they are putting themselve in.  OK they might be making the one outing for excersise that is allowed but I very much doubt they all are.  Even the vunerable elderly are out in numbers as if nothing was wrong.

A rare moment when the towpath is clear

but it does not stay this way for long
On Monday Chris went to work for the last time.  The school, now closed, is only open for 18 children of key workers, and only one child is in the infants where Chris works.  Chris is now likely to be off work until September when hopefully the virus crisis has passed.

Today, Thursday,  Chris joined me for Smudges lunchtime walk.  She joins us to get out of the boat for a while.  Walking past the pub car park we could not believe our eyes.  On the grass bank behind the railings you can see in the picture below, a young family of three, mum, dad and toddler, were actually picnicing in the sun!  Dad climbing over the railings several times to retreive his dog just where people had previously leant for a rest.  

You can just see the family to the right of the tree trunk
I would have spoken to them but a young man approached them before me.  Although we could not hear the conversation it was clear from his body language he was giving them a good telling off.  The young man and family left shortly after.

Smudge enjoying his walk

Lovely views in the sunshine

 We have been enjoying our walks in the sunshine as have mny others.  Its so nice to not get wet, muddy and cold.  The days ave been quite warm and so we really enjoyed being out.  

Thanks to the good weather we have been able to get the rotary line out for Chris to hang out the washing.  Its so much better when they get a good airing outside.

Washing blowing in the light breeze

Seems a few people are still treating this as a holiday, this family came paddling past us this afternoon, clearly thinking they are imune to the virus because they are on the canal.

So thats it for now.  We're both OK so far and are trying to keep to the guidelines.  At the moment we have all we need though our first shopping trip will have to be done tomorrow.  Unlike many we cannot hoard as we simply don't have room to store it.  We need bread and milk plus some food for Smudge.  I also have a prescription to collect.

Poor Smudge cannot unterstand why we do not stay outside more  in the sun like we used to and has now started to look longingly through the window bless him.  He will not leave my side, follows at my heels as I walk through the boat, clearly knows something is not right with the world and is anxious.  I re-assure him as much as I can and spend alot more time with him and hope he will come to understand.

Why can't we go out dad?

Sorry its not been an upbeat post but theres not much we can do for now.  Stay well everyone and hope you and your families get through this worrying time.  We will beat this virus, never has humankind been better placed to find a cure as it is right now.

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nb Bonjour said...

You're right about dogs picking up anxiety - though Meg still gets her daily walk, and we have a garden for her to potter about in, she knows something is not right. Like Smudge, she is rather clingy.
stay safe