Sunday 1 December 2019

A Happy Launch day

It still seems like yesterday to Chris and I when AmyJo's build was completed but, yesterday, it was 6 years to the day AmyJo was launched.  The culmination of four years planning and joy at her build that on the 30th November 2013, on a bright sunny but bitter cold day, she was lowered into the canal at Crick Marina for the first time.

Since that day we have cruised 2300miles in her, traversed some 1333 locks and gone through countless bridges.  We still concider ourselves novices but we're getting there.

Now complete, AmyJo leaves Fernwood's factory for the first time.
Being lowered onto Tuckey's lorry

Off to Crick

Up she goes

Must admit we were biting our nails at this point

Gently does it

and in she goes.  A proud lump in the throat moment

6 years on today we left the marina after staying there for a month.

  All the portholes are now replaced and liners re-installed.  So far they seem to be working out fine.  Condensation is minimal and limited to the frame round the glass.  The main frame is dry and glass has remained clear.  Inside we feel the heat is retained better but its still cold in the mornings but them it was -4C this morning so no surprise there.

 We were getting itchy feet and feel much happier out on the cut, so whilst the weather is still pretty good despite the cold we left the marina andmoored on one of our fav moorings at Waverton for a while.  Just like 6 years ago yesterday and today have been bright and sunny but bitter cold!  The sense of adventure is still there too :-)

We simply adore the sunsets like this one today on clear days at this time of year

Total distance:3.68 miles Elapsed time:1h55m1s Locks:0 Bridges:7
Average speed:1.92 mph (1.92 lock/mph)

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