Tuesday 14 March 2017

Engine Service and Spring Clean

It was time for AmyJo to have her engine serviced.  The Beta 50 has now done 800 hours but being a year ago it was last serviced we rang Chris Jones and booked him to do the service.  I'll be doing them from now on as the warranty will be up next year.

I took the opportunity to have a little cruise and a week online I so slipped the mooring on Monday morning and stopped at Waverton Eggbridge mooring.  Though designated for C&RT workboats we knew one would not be requiring the moorings so we were OK to stay.

On Tuesday I prepped AmyJo for the engine service.  Our back cabin engine cover is on several levels so serves as steps and steering platform.  The iron framework supporting the covers is easily unbolted into a series of blocks and removed giving ample space to work round the engine.  I spent the rest of the day cleaning the engine bay.

Covers removed the engine is easily accessible
 Chris arrived first thing on Wednesday and gave the Beta a thorough check over, replacing oils in engine and gearbox.  Changed all the filters and check belts and mountings.  All was well so afterwards I replaced the Cheshire Cat pub and spent the next few days there.

Able seaman Smudge stands guard at his favourite spot whilst we fill with water
I returned AmyJo to her mooring on Saturday with the weather improving all the while.  It was warming and the sun was making an appearance.  This trend has remained right up to today. 

I reversed AmyJo onto her mooring and commenced to wash and scrub the winter grime off her.  The last couple of days I've had the polish out and she's starting to look her shiny self again.  I do so hate it when she's dirty.  Tomorrow I'll turn her round and clean the port side.

All clean and shiny though the gunwales need a coat of paint soon.
Meanwhile young Smudge has been enjoying the warmth outdoors and has been out on the jetty most days and also on our neighbour's boat with her dog Albert, a Dalmatian.  The two are now best pals and love to be together.  At nine years old Albert is looked apon by Smudge as his mentor and so what ever Albert does Smudge copies.  They do so enjoy each others company and Albert has a spring in his step when he is with Smudge.

Smudge is now fully grown into a lovely boat dog.  Here he is looking out for Albert.
We getting AmyJo ship shape for our first cruise up the Llangollen in a few weeks time.  Can't wait.  

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