Sunday 12 February 2017

We're still here

Hi all,

Just a quick post to let you know we're still aboard AmyJo in the marina planning our summer cruises but with not much of note to post about we did not want to bore you.  Little Smudge the dog is no longer a puppy but is growing up to be quite a character.  Like all Terriers he is head strong and stubborn but is doing well.

Got some cruises in mind for the summer so more on these in another post and latest is we're pulling out of Tattenhall in March for the summer and living online until next winter so should have something worth posting about.  We become "lingerlongers" for a while.  Chris will still be working so we'll not be able to stray too far.

Hope everyone is OK out there.    So sad to hear about Fiona on nb Epiphany.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to John.  We only met them briefly crossing paths at Hawkesbury Junction in 2014 but Fiona's posts were of great help to us when we were starting the road to living the dream. She will be greatly missed.

So for now hope summer is good to you and maybe we'll see you at Crick boat show.  

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