Wednesday 8 July 2015

Barb-b-q, Bells,a bloggers meeting and button moon.

With the inverter issue behind us we looked to the weekend. Saturday was nearby Waverton's village Festival and our hand bell group, Waverton Handbell Ringers, had been asked to ring in the afternoon. Waverton village hall and park is right alongside the moorings at Eggbridge so we planned to cruise AmyJo there for the weekend.

Friday afternoon whilst finishing up at work a text from our mooring neighbour, Sheila, invited us to a bar-b-q with some of the other marina boaters down by the Shady Oak pub on the Shroppie in the evening. (you can see why the Shady Oak is popular with Tattenhall boaters now Ali). After a quick text to Chris we got back to AmyJo can headed out with the others. 6 boats in all attended and we all sat round a brassier and a superb meal and evening ensued. Sadly we forgot to take any photos so apologies for that. Plenty food and liquid was consumed, stories and experiences shared, and everyone had a great time until the early hours sat by a bar-b-q fire to keep warm.

Saturday morning dawned with the continued warm weather and cloudless sky. A gentle breeze was blowing making the morning very pleasant for cruising. We winded AmyJo and cruised back past the marina and on to Waverton. As always Golden Nook moorings went on for ever (I'm convinced they are adding more moorings every time we pass them). We with time on our hands we were happy plodding along with a cup of tea in hand and enjoyed the slow run past them all.

On arriving at Eggbridge about 1pm we found a 70 boat was on the moorings so we decided we would moor Christleton side of the bridge. We later found they planned to stay the 7 days. Its a bit shallow after the bridge but we managed to get the bow in but the stern remained some 3 feet from the bank. We could have moved further but wanted we to be near the village hall and we also needed milk that Chris then got from the local store.

The the fete was very busy with plenty of people enjoying the warm sunshine. Once again we forgot the camera (really must buck up and get more photos). The Bell ringing went off OK and was well received so with the rest of the afternoon free we wandered round the fete. Later in the evening friends Dave and Glenys who live close by came aboard. Whilst enjoying a glass of wine a lady approached us can gruffly announced "You do realise there are moorings further along and they are in the sun?" Clearly she was not happy with us moored at the bottom of her garden. As there are no signs saying no mooring I politely replied "Yes I'm well aware of that but I don't want to sit in the sun thank you. I'm quite happy here" to which she stormed off.

After a quiet night we needed to wind AmyJo for the return trip. There is a handy winding hole between the Cheshire Cat and the old Trooper Pub about a mile short of Christleton Lock. We set off and winded then retraced our route with the intention of having brunch in the Cheshire Cat. Their sign advertised Breakfast served from 7am so as it was only 11am and with one last mooring left right outside we moored up then went in to enquire about a table for two. Sadly it would seem its not an all day breakfast as they stopped serving at 10am. No worries we thought we booked and table for lunch a few hours later instead.

On our way back to AmyJo the boat moored in front of us took my attention. I recognised the boat straight away. It was fellow bloggers John and Ali on Triskaideka (click) . We both used to moor in Crick Marina but never got chance to meet up. They had also stayed in Tattenhall last week but we are always out and about week days so missed them yet again. Only John was aboard as Ali was away visiting family. We chatted for a good while in the warm sunshine about our trips and experiences. John loves the canals in the North West and is enjoying their time here. Good to meet you John and I'm sure we meet again some day. Sorry we missed you Ali perhaps next time.

Triskaideka and AmyJo outside the Cheshire Cat

The sign advertising the breakfast from 7am
After an excellent lunch we retired to AmyJo just as the heavens opened. With time to spare we lazed dozed until the rain stopped then headed back to Tattenhall arriving a little after 8pm.

A pleasant run home.

Stunning Moon rise.

Full Moon rises over the marina

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nb Achernar said...

Looks like you have found our spot directly outside the pub. We enjoyed our stay there too. We did enjoy the views over your Marina when we briefly visited.