Saturday 2 August 2014

Big Trip Home Day 21 - Last day and Home Coming

After our session in the Shady Oak last night Chris and I were eventually roused at 9:30am to the sound of heavy rain on the cabin roof.  Having not far to go today and the destination meaning the end of our trip we were in no hurry to surface, so turned over and woke again at 10:30am.

We decided to stay put to see if the rain would ease but by 2:30pm it was still raining so on went the wet gear and we upped pins for our final run of the trip to Tattenhall Marina, AmyJo's new home.

Not sure if it is me but AmyJo seemed sluggish today.  She seemed to swim slower than usual.  It was clear that she too did not want the trip to end as we found nothing wrong with her, nor anything on the prop.  The weather too was as miserable as we felt now the trip was coming to an end.

We turned into the marina and pulled onto the fuelling arm to top up and pump out.  After sorting all the paperwork out we put AmyJo onto her mooring that we had reserved for her back in April 2011 and our journey finally came to an end.

So that's it, we're home and done.

AmyJo's new home for now

This deluge hit us shortly after taking this photo.
Reflected our mood too.
We decided to stay on board one more night and then go home for a few days as we have commitments to keep.  We sat all afternoon with a feeling of anti climax but with anticipation for the cruises to come.  

We have thoroughly enjoyed our cruise and really do not want to go home. We have had a fantastic time love living on AmyJo even more now and the thought of going ashore is not enjoyable one at the minute.  We vowed to return at the first possible moment.  I have a feeling we're going to be spending a whole lot more time on AmyJo in future.

Our short route today
We can now say AmyJo had exceeded all our expectations and has performed faultlessly on this cruise since the alternator belt was tensioned.  She is a delight to handle and has faired well despite our coolant loss scare last month.  We are utterly in love with her now.  We are still loosing a little coolant but Beta have sent a new water tank neck and cap so we'll see if that cures it.

So what's next for us?  No idea right now, but lets just say if my boss does just one thing to pee me off when I get back to work next week ....


Nb oakapple said...

Hi have been following your trip home to your new marina
Maybe you could add us to your list of bloggers to meet
Richard & Sharon on nb Oakapple

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Richard and Sharon
Thank you for following our trip. We do miss not cruising now and can't wait to get out again. Send us your blog address and we'll be only too pleased top add you to our list

Nb oakapple said...

Hope to catch up with you soon our blog address is
Rich & sharon